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Global flexible packaging market growth

Global flexible packaging market growth

There are two basic perspectives of each packaging which are as

  1. Flexible packaging
  2. Rigid packaging

The flexible packaging is more fascinating for customers than the rigid packaging. The first type of packaging is growing day by day because of the rising inclination of customers. For snacks packaging, reports are being conducted on the developmental changes in the field of the packaging that is flexible packaging. PMMI Business Intelligence has conducted a research and compiled a report on the flexible packaging or marketing. The value of the packaging is rising up with the passage of time. For instance, in the United States of America, the flexible packaging market is valued at about $ 24 billion in 2016. But if we talk about the global market, the statistics change. $ 98 billion is the value of the global market of the flexible packaging marketing from 2017 to 2022. 5.2% is the CAGR of the packaging industry.

The flexible packaging market has diverse benefits of its usage which impel customers to have the packaging for their products which are as better printing, longer life, and low price. According to an official, the flexible packaging patterns have been introduced and advanced in the recent years. An OEM has conducted a case study as well as some researches in which it has been concluded that bag-in-box has been moved to the bag because of some incentives as they are economic, sustainable, and efficient. There are certain traditional food segments and items which are to be packed up in the boxes with special reference to BIB. Under the aegis of the new changes in the field of marketing, the demand for the flexible packaging will escalate in coming years. 

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