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Recycling signs are confusing the UK customers

Recycling signs are confusing the UK customers

The latest global customer body’s survey shows that almost half of the British citizens have no idea what the symbols of recycling on the products ‘packaging are indicating or what does it mean for the customers. The survey report shows that when the survey was conducted by the global consumer body, then almost 48% customers replied in ambiguous answers and give the wrong idea of the recycling process.

The 48% person when asked about the purpose of the dotted lines, they replied that dot symbol-a circle of two intertwined arrows- means that the product can be recyclable. However, the actual meaning of those dotted lines was that the manufacturer has paid the required ratio to the scheme of the recyclable packaging system.

Similarly, the green arrow symbol that is made on the product’s packaging indicates that the packaging has been recycled by 75 % of customers. However, when the survey was conducted and asked the question about the purpose of the black symbol from the customers, about 38% of customers consider that the product is not collected by all local authorities.

Likewise, the tidy man logo of a person by dustbin that was designed to remind the customers to get dispose of the items in a proper way was perceived by only just 15% of the customers. In a similar way, the magnet symbol which means that the product is made up of steel and should be considered by most for recyclable was perceived right by only 12% of customers.

The most used and famous sign in the survey was the ‘Mobius Loop’ that was recognized well by 73%. This sign is shown by 3 separate arrows looped in the triangle that means that the product can be recyclable. However, it doesn’t mean that the product will be regarded in the category of recycling collection system.

However, only 32% of customers can recognize the Mobius Loop with PET sign purpose.

There was a consensus among the majority of the customers and respondents that were asked about the clarity of the signs in a clear manner, about 88% respondents said that the packing industries should always be mentioned in very clear and transparent way on the packing so that customers can understand the symbols without any ambiguity.

There is greater awareness as compared to earlier that people want to reduce the waste that goes to the landfill and recycle these waste. However, these symbols on the packaging baffle the customers and confuse them that how to tackle the waste in the right direction. People want the government and manufacturer should act to ensure the clear, simple and consistent labeling to help the customers in knowing the process of recycling of the wasting the packaging materials.

Now, governments are more ready to make the necessary steps to introduce the clear and simple recyclable labeling on all the plastic packaging.

The long lists of symbols on the packaging are confusing the customers. The symbols should be short along with the simple and clear instruction instead of creating confusion for the consumer. The ambiguous labeling and symbols on the packaging can make the recycling process difficult than the normal way.

In addition to it, 86% of consumers think that the retail product should be recyclable. While the 69% respondents consider that reduction of plastic pollution is the big challenge as compared to the food waste.  

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