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Robots in packaging 2018: A debriefing with Rethink Robotics

Robots in packaging 2018: A debriefing with Rethink Robotics

The robots vendors that had introduced the Baxter robot to the world and Sawyer are evaluating the cobot opportunities in the packaging arena today. The interview of robot vendor published in the packaging digest series describes that there are some robust forecasts that show the cobots growth at a 57% between the 2017 and 2023, tells fair, a product manager at rethink robot.

Answering on the question that what type of the cobot’ application you are seeing, he replied that the application of robots can be applied in various industries and businesses including the packaging, plastic, metal fabrication and electronics. They can give an advantage in multiple ranges of manufacturing functions and can play an effective role in automated tasks.

It will increase the productivity of the industries on a wide level. The robots can ease the human resource in tasks that are done in a repetitive way. It can lower the strain on human workers. By using robotic machines, this machination can time consuming tasks and factory workers are free to perform more valuable and precious tasks for the industry.

Telling about the most notable changes that have occurred in robot area after 2015, he replied that the robot industry is growing at the rapid pace of time. The big evolution that has occurred is the integration of other new technologies with robots such as click smart technology that provides the solution for end of arm tooling that is incarnated with smart sensing and fast swapping capability.

It offers a way for the users to swap the end effectors in seconds. In addition to it, the robots are moving towards the data gathering, enabling and empowering the manufacturers to make a better decision. The data storing capacity of the robots enable industries and business to take more informed decisions. It will save the time and money by facilitating to invest the money in those areas where it is more need to bring reforms.

Answering another question what the robots can do better they couldn’t before, he said that manufacturers can do better than earlier times in many ways. Robots are suited for specific tasks such as the packaging and can perform well on those tasks where the human cognitive ability is not required.

In current time, the manufacturers have now much better understanding of robot technology. Now, they are employing the robots in right tasks such as packaging to gain the higher productivity and effectiveness in order to ensure the efficiency.

On asking what advice you will give to the reader with respect to the robots, he replied that the manufacturers and big businesses should employ the robots in their manufacturing process to gain more profit and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency. Robots are safe to use, can easily be deployed in industries. 

It can complete the tasks in very less time with greater accuracy. It can replace the aging workforce and new generation which are reluctant to work in the manufacturing industry. It can give an effective and best way to automate your tasks and enhance your productivity without doing any compromise on the quality.  

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