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"How Do I ?" Inquiries

1- How Do I place an order?
2- How Do I change or cancel an order once it has been placed?
3- How Do I upload a artwork?
4- How Do I change my email/password?
5- How Do I add items to an order?


Order Inquiries

6- Pricing/Printing Times
7- Our online security
8- Selecting a shipping method
9- Checks/Money Orders/C.O.D.
10- Verify order has been placed


1- How do I place an order?

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To place your order, please visit our website and then follow the steps below to complete the ordering process:

1- Select a product from our listed products and click on "Buy Now" under quantity and prices or Click on "Order Now" link.

2- If you directly go to a product's detail page, click on "order now" button or "Buy Now" link at the bottom.

3- Personalize your product and click on "Proceed" button.

4- Choose a way to provide your artwork and Sign in by providing Email/password if you are not currently signed in.

5- If you are not registered yet, please select "New customer" and enter required fields and Sign in.

6- At the Shopping Cart View page, click on "Check out" button.

7- Press the "Check out" button after entering/editing your Billing/Shipping Information on the  next page.

8- Select your payment method and press the "Proceed with Payment" button to finally place the order.

9- You will be taken to the Thank You page

10- You will receive an Order Confirmation em ail soon after placing your order. We look forward to receiving your order.


2- How do I change or cancel an order once it has been placed?

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In general, once an order has been electronically transferred through our printer network, it is put into production and can not be changed. We apologize for this inconvenience.

After an order is placed, but before it has been transferred to the printer, there is a small amount of time in which to cancel the order, recall your design, and then make changes and reorder. This window of time varies between 30 and 60 minutes after you place your order.

For future reference, if you find a problem with your order within 30 minutes of ordering, you may be able to cancel it yourself. Return to our website, and click on YOUR ACCOUNT, then select "Order History". Next select "Get The Status Of This Order". If you are able to cancel at that time, there will be a CANCEL button available. You can then cancel your order, make the necessary changes, and place a new order.


3- How do I upload my artwork?

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To upload your own graphic, please follow the steps below:

1- Follow first three steps in Question #1.

2- Under "Artwork Options" heading, select "Via web upload" option.

3- Click Browse button and select the artwork file to be uploaded.

4- Scroll down and provide email/password to sign in.

5- Press "Done" button

A small window will apear showing the upload in progress and the file will be uploaded.

The best graphic format to use is a high resolution TIF. A JPEG works well for products that accept full color graphics. Please keep in mind that low resolution graphics may not print well.


4- How do I change my email/password?

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Under's current policy, it is not possible to change your email. To change your password, Sign in and click on "Your Profile" link. Here you can change your password as well as personal information.


5- How do I add items to an order?

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If you would like to add additional items to an order, you will need to go to the Shopping Cart of the original design. Here you will press the button CREATE ADDITIONAL ITEM TO ORDER. This will take you back to our website where you will be able to choose an additional product to add to the existing order. When you go back to the Shopping Cart you should see both items listed. Please note that we are unable to combine more than one previously saved Reference I.D. number at this time.


6- Pricing/Printing Times?

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Our prices vary, depending on the quantity ordered as well as product options available, such as paper, ink and graphics. Volume pricing for our entire selection of products can be found by clicking on the 'Price List' link on our homepage.

Printing times can vary, depending on the particular items ordered. These printing times can also be found by choosing the Price List link, located at the top of our homepage.

Delivery time depends on the shipping method you select. The options available include US Mail, UPS Ground, Two Day Air, or Priority Overnight.

We look forward to receiving your order!


7-'s online security

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We appreciate your concern about putting your credit card over the Internet. We are committed to making the Internet a safe and fun place to shop. Given the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology employed by our site, doing business on line with us is very safe. Every transaction conducted is encrypted for privacy.

It is also important to note that credit card companies are very supportive of business on the Internet. Should your card be used fraudulently, credit card companies will investigate, and most likely the internet company will be charged, not the customer. Furthermore, We are committed to fighting credit card fraud, as our future depends on it.


8- Selecting a shipping method

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In order to select your shipping method, proceed to either the Billing Information page, or the Order Summary page. You will then find a CHANGE SHIPPING METHOD button. Once you click this button, you can select the shipping method you would prefer.


9- Checks/Money Orders/C.O.D.

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Like most Internet-based businesses today, we prefer payment by credit card.

Currently, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express (excluding corporate cards). You can also use your bank check-card, as long as it has a Visa or MasterCard symbol.

When placing your order, simply enter your credit card information on the Billing Information page.

If you have reservations about using your credit card to make purchases over the Internet, please know that we provide you with a secure ordering process using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about our secure ordering process.


10- Verify order has been placed

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Once your order has been successfully placed, you will receive an email Confirmation. You may also verify your order by simply going to our web site and clicking on the YOUR ACCOUNT link, and selecting 'Order History'. You will be able to view a complete list of orders you have placed with us.

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