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Rigid Packaging

Rigid Packaging
Rigid Packaging Rigid Packaging for products Rigid Packaging ideas for products
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What are the defining characteristics of rigid boxes?


Rigid boxes or setup boxes are made from a thick cardstock and are finished with a paper wrap or fabric liner. These boxes are structurally very strong and significantly thicker when compared to regular folding cartons.


Do custom rigid boxes need to be assembled before they are used?


No assembly is required as custom printed rigid or setup boxes are shipped ready to use.


Why should our company switch to branded rigid packaging?


Rigid packaging offers an upscale option for packaging luxury products such as jewelry, branded accessories, and electronics. Rigid boxes add a sense of quality and luxury to your brand along with offering excellent protection for your products during the sale process.


How long do rigid boxes last?


Rigid boxes are paper-based products and thus are sensitive to storage conditions such as heat, sunlight, temperature, and moisture. Sudden changes in environmental conditions can negatively affect the quality of such paper-based products. All printed products including rigid boxes should be unpacked after delivery for inspection and identification of any manufacturing issues. After inspection, all printed products including rigid packaging should be stored in moisture-free and temperature-controlled conditions.

In addition, unfavorable storage conditions such as moisture, extreme heat, or direct sunlight can cause damage to printed materials including discolouration and fading of printed colours. Packagingblue makes no claims or representations regarding the long-term durability of printed products as the longevity of all printed materials including rigid packaging depends upon environmental and storage conditions that are beyond Packagingblue’s direct control.


Can you help me in designing rigid setup boxes for my products?


Our design team will be happy to design a unique box to showcase your products. If you would like to provide your own artwork, we can prepare and send an appropriate design template for you to use. If you would like our help in creating your design, please send us your logo and/or other artwork and our design team will set it up as per your requirements.


Do you offer protective product inserts?


Yes, we offer a full range of custom inserts that are made to provide a snug fit for your products. Your sales representative can provide more details upon request.

Material Rigid: Paper + Grey Board
Material Thickness Rigid Stock Thickness: 700 gsm, 1200 gsm, Custom
Finishing Types Lamination: Gloss, Matte, Sandy Matte, Soft Touch, Linen
Coating: Gloss AQ, Satin, Varnish, Spot UV, Flood UV
Features Foil Stamping
Die Cutting
Metallic Inks
Custom Size
Other Options Window Cutouts
Ribbons and Handles
Foam Inserts
Scoring and Gluing
Magnetic Locks
SKU# RP-004

Role of Rigid Set-up Boxes in Luxury Product Packaging

A rigid setup box is a type of packaging that is made from stiff materials such as cardboard or paperboard. These boxes are designed to be sturdy and hold their shape, making them well-suited for packaging and shipping heavier or more delicate items. They can also be used for storing and displaying products. Rigid setup boxes are often used for luxury or high-end products, and can be customised with printing or embellishments to enhance their appearance.

A rigid box can be finished in various ways such as with a high-gloss coating, UV coating, or hot stamping, which makes the box look more premium and luxurious. The box can also be printed with the brand's logo and other design elements to enhance the branding of the product.

There are several types of rigid boxes, including:

  • Set-up box: This type of box is made from multiple pieces of cardboard or paperboard that are glued or taped together to create a box shape. Set-up boxes are often used for packaging luxury goods, candles, and other high-value items.
  • Slipcase: This type of box is made from a single piece of cardboard or paperboard that is folded and glued to create a box shape. It is also called a slipcover, and it is designed to fit over another container, such as a book or a DVD. Slipcases are often used for packaging books, CDs, and other media.
  • Rigid box with tray: This type of box includes a tray which is inserted inside the box to hold the product in place. This type of box is often used for packaging fragile items, like glassware, ceramics, and other delicate goods.
  • Drawer box: This type of box is a drawer which can be pulled out of the box. This type of box is often used for packaging small items, like jewelry, watches, and other luxury goods.
  • Magnetic closure box: This box has a magnetic closure on the top which keeps the box closed. This type of box is often used for packaging luxury items, like perfumes, watches, and other high-end products.

Rigid boxes have several benefits for product packaging, including:

  • Protection: Rigid boxes are made from sturdy materials, such as cardboard or paperboard, which provides a high level of protection for the product. This is particularly important for fragile or high-value items that need to be protected during shipping and handling.
  • Branding and Marketing: Rigid boxes can be custom-designed and printed with the brand's logo and other design elements. This can enhance the branding of the product and help to attract customers.
  • Durability: Rigid boxes are built to last and can be used for multiple purposes, such as storage or display. This makes them an eco-friendly option as they can be reused.
  • Customization: Rigid boxes can be customised to suit the product and its packaging needs. Various sizes, designs, colours, and materials can be used to create the perfect packaging solution.
  • Versatility: Rigid boxes can be used for a wide range of products, from luxury goods to electronics, food, and other consumer goods. They can also be used for in-store displays and other marketing purposes.
  • Cost-effective: Rigid boxes can be produced in large quantities at a relatively low cost, making them a cost-effective packaging solution for many products.
  • Easy to handle: Rigid boxes are easy to handle, stack, and transport, which makes them an efficient packaging solution for shipping and storage.
  • Recyclable: Rigid boxes are often made from recyclable materials, which makes them an eco-friendly packaging option. This can also help to reduce costs and improve brand image.

Types of Rigid Boxes:

Premium finished boxes made from sturdy cardboard are commonly referred to as rigid boxes.  Rigid boxes can help increase product and brand appeal by incorporating high end finishes, such as a fine velvet or silk fabric layer, to give your packaging and products a luxurious feel.  Compared to regular folding cartons, rigid boxes offer a significantly higher level of safety and brand appeal.

There are many different types of rigid packaging boxes that cater to different product types and industries. Some of the more commonly used types are:

In order to provide required levels of strength and durability for a specific The appeal and appearance of rigid boxes can be is further enhanced by using additional packaging accessories including velvet bags, personalised ribbons, and foam inserts.

Other Rigid Packaging

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