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Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes
Custom Printed Boxes Packaging for Custom Printed Products Packaging Ideas for Custom Printed Products
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Is there a minimum order quantity for custom printed box?


No, there is no minimum order for custom printed box. You can order as few or as many boxes as you like. Your account representative can help you find the most efficient solution in order to keep your total project cost low.


Which parts of the custom printed box can I customize?


All sides of the custom printed box are fully customizable including the front, back, top, bottom, outside, and inside.


The proof for my custom printed box looks blurry. Will it print that way?


No. The emailed proofs only show how the graphics align on the box. The final print is much sharper, as long as vector or high-resolution graphics have been used in your design file. You will be contacted if your graphics appear to be at too low a resolution.


What styles or types of boxes can Packagingblue produce?


We can produce many different standard styles of boxes. Please send us your requirements and we will be happy to produce a free mockup for your review. Here is a list of some of the many different box types that we can produce:

  • One Piece Mailers
  • Auto Lock or Auto Bottom Boxes
  • Corrugated Packaging
  • Pillow Boxes
  • Tuck Boxes
  • Display Packaging
  • Chipboard Packaging


Which industries do you serve?


We have worked with clients from a wide variety of industries including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
  • CBD
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Home Decor and Candles
  • Candy and Confectionery
  • Beverage Distribution
  • Pet Care
Material White: SBS (C1S), SBS (C2S), Uncoated Stock, Textured Stock
Metalized Card: Silver, Gold, Holographic
Brown: Natural Brown Kraft Card Stock
White Front Colored Back: CCNB (Grey Back), CCKB (Kraft Back)
Shipping Boxes: White or Brown Corrugated Stock or Forte
Rigid: Paper + Grey Board
Material Thickness Cardstock Thickness: 12pt, 14pt, 18pt, 24pt, Custom
Corrugated Stock: 3-ply corrugated
Rigid Stock Thickness: 36pt, 48pt, Custom
Finishing Types Lamination: Gloss, Matte, Sandy Matte, Soft Touch, Linen
Coating: Gloss AQ, Satin, Varnish, Spot UV, Flood UV
Features Foil Stamping
Die Cutting
Metallic Inks
Custom Size
Other Options Window Cutouts
Ribbons and Handles
Hang Tab
Scoring and Gluing
Custom Perforation
Magnetic Locks
SKU# CP-006

Custom Printed Boxes With No Minimum

Creating custom printedboxes is our specialty. We help you design your own custom printed labels, custom printed tags, custom printed tapes, and custom printed box containers. We can provide both monochrome and multicolored boxes that match your product designs ranging from cosmetics, electronics and novelty items.  Moreover, you can choose to print logos, images, taglines, and custom messages on your boxes to make them extra epical in appearance. So you get a variety of services under one roof at budget-friendly prices.

Why offer Custom Printed Boxes?

We completely understand that packaging is extremely crucial to the success of the brand, product and at the end, it is summed up the benefits for the company. Modern research has proven that product packaging plays a crucial role in the sale of a product and building the brand even if you keep the quality of the product aside. Product packaging,printed with aesthetics of color and graphics making it more appealing to its audience which is extremely important and more and more businesses realize this fact. The product packaging can become a leading factor for the edge that your product can have over its competitors.

Product packaging is both science and an art nowadays. The more attractive a product is through its packaging, the better chances are that the product will sell. offer premier services when it comes to packaging design regarding its shape, size and volume with utmost precision. We are here 24/7 available for a chat to take your orders. Our packaging engineers and designer teams are also here to provide you with services that have a class of their own. These services include the design of printed information from the logo to every type of branding information that can make your product stand out from the rest of the crowd that consists of your competitors. Our designs are not just limited to printing and coloring, but this makes up the most part that the packaging requires to make it look adorable. We have experts that can provide the exact skills that you need for printing your packages that will create aesthetic effects that will excite your customer base and compel the rest of the audience to become your customer. We have rock bottom prices, and we believe in hard work to give the quality that will rock your product in the market due to its packaging. You may be convinced at this time that we make no compromise with the quality of our product and services. And we try to deliver the best caliber that can make your product look great on the shelves.

The custom printed boxes and other types of custom packaging that we provide tell their own story. You can have instant quotes on custom printed boxes even for a wholesale order. During the production of these custom printed boxes or packaging, you will be continually updated by our dedicated packaging expert representative, and he will keep you well informed throughout the procedure until these boxes reach your doorstep free of charge. We proudly claim that our custom printed boxes are extremely cheap cost wise in the industry without the compromise on quality. In other words, we give you the best cost-benefit ratio in the packaging industry. If you are looking for custom printed boxes with no minimum quantity to place an order, we are also here to serve you well beyond your expectations.

What makes best Box Manufacturers?

We are proud of our products and services, and we enjoy the same pride in serving you. We are distinguished due to our competitive rates. We have the fastest turnaround time with 100% eco-friendly packaging materials.

You will enjoy our quick responses from our sales team whether it is wholesale, pre-sales, post-sales or something in between; we are here at your service.

There are definite reasons why we are on the top with our packaging and why we stand firm in our competitions. We have listed the reasons that make us different and even better than you may find at other places.

  • Affordable Pricing – We have nominal charges, and they are extremely low, you may check with other industries. If you are a small business or short on funds, you can take a quick advantage of our low rates and high quality.
  • Free Shipping – There are absolutely no charges for the shipping that we provide in any iota when your consignment reaches your doorstep.
  • Professional Offset Printing – Our offset printing is guaranteed to be highly professional, and it will make your product stand out.
  • Fast Turnaround Time – Our product manufacturing is not only top-notch, but we do not like you to keep waiting for your order. We provide you the best turnaround time that you will enjoy every time you place an order.
  • Customer & Sales SupportOur customer and Sales support is best of the best. Highly professional, skilled and knowledgeable. They will fully cooperate with you until your order is completely executed and they will work up to your satisfaction.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging –All the material that we use is 100% ecologically sustainable, and the packaging material is completely safe for the environment.
  • Free Sampling – Once you have your product designed and printed with finishing is added, from that point, you can order a free sample to make sure that everything is up to your par before you place the bulk order.

Still got questions? You can contact us for any form of information or ask any questions from a dedicated team of customer support professionals at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

Moreover, there can be many occasions where your product is failing in the market, and you know that your product has a worth much higher than the market is offering you. It is high times to make changes to the packing of your product.

When you are having such a complicated scenario something that you can resort to, at any time, is rebranding to maintain your product lifecycle. This is where comes into the picture with unrivaled expertise and with the cost so low that will amaze you. Despite this, we do not compromise with quality at any cost.

At we understand that the looks of packing for a product are the most significant factor impacting your product sales. This is where you need to modify, at least, the packing of your product that will change the way your audience interacts with the outer sides of your product. The graphics and the designs on the product is something that can captivate a potential customer for longer. Even if we set aside the lamentation, the coloring, and other aesthetic features. Everything outside should synchronize and harmonize with the product inside. The product inside a packing should become one with its packing in such a manner that will add a new dimension in the minds of people that will become your loyal customers.

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