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New Technology to reshape Aluminum Beverage Bottles

New Technology to reshape Aluminum Beverage Bottles

Several years of Research and Development in Ontario, Canada based company Montebello Packaging makes its mark in food and beverage packaging by introducing new technology in creating Aluminum beverage packaging. This patented technique that they introduce, permits asymmetric shapes and branding possibilities with a variety of printing options. These aluminum based bottles can be easily packed in Beverage boxes without any threat of breakage as it is present in the beverage bottles made of glass.

It is known that in the world of packaging, the asymmetry or symmetry not just attractive but it can be an attention-grabbing game changer. The company releases its custom-shaped asymmetric aluminum bottles in the fourth quarter of 2017 to the world of food and beverage companies

This beverage container packaging called u shaped aluminum bottles is made with patented, proprietary that hopes to break in the market of single serve drinks that are beer, tea coffee, energy drinks to ultimately stand out from the rest of the types of beverage packaging. There is a very huge possibility that this packaging product will snatch business from the cardboard beverage packaging industry.

This Montebello packaging technology allows artwork in up to 9 colors in high quality dry off-set printing. Besides molding into an asymmetric shape the packaging product can provide various impressions like flutes, embossing and debossing with fine detail.

This packaging technique also offers visually striking print effects that include gloss and matte finishes with metallic and specialty ink. The container can be optionally base coated with a number of assortments. The container is capped with pilfer-proof roll-on closure. The best part of this container, besides having a custom shape, is that it that the aluminum is shattered proof material and it is also lightweight that saves shipping cost.

The company claims that this packaging is the only one of its kind and the production process has enough throughputs to handle small to large orders. 

In the world of packaging, the attention span of the buyer is very limited among the roar of the brands sitting on the shelves. Research proves that an average consumer spends only 8 to 10 seconds watching a particular part of a market shelf and the brand is straining they're every serve to stand out from the competition. Montebello is making its mark to make the beverages stand out and distinguish the brands from the rest of the crowd.

This packaging design allows companies to run their marketing and branding campaigns more effectively by telling their brand story vividly showcasing their product with all the benefits of the aluminum packaging.   

The possibilities of artwork with this packaging are very promising. The packaging company already set up an in-house graphics team that works hand in hand with the client’s team to come up with remarkable branding and marketing campaigns that effectively convey their product stories.

Kathy Mercer, director of sales, food, and beverage at Montebello packaging say that there are other aluminum container manufacturers that are able to shape aluminum bottles with embossing and debossing techniques or they can shape through existing technology with necking machines. She terms that the part where their technology really shines is that these manufacturers lack the ability to make custom designs with asymmetric features in the product packaging.

There is a huge interest being generated in the consumer market as many of them are interested in the value chain of Montebello's value chain. The company points out that more and more companies are inclining towards circular economies of products with product designs of overall environmental impact. The environmental concerns are becoming more crucial to gain customer loyalty. Aluminum is 100% recyclable and 70% of the in circulation comes from recycled material.

The most recent trends in consumer research and consumer behavior put the package design and labeling into the perspective of the sales as it has been found that packaging matters a big deal when a consumer makes a buy decision. Visually appealing packaging with easy to read labels works in the sale of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The packaging company also offers symmetric custom design approach to get started. The expected bottle volume and headspace is requested from the customer along with any artwork that is already created. The complete information is shared during the design process from capping, internal coatings to artwork, and coloring.

Montebello as an organization is very successful in these endeavors as it has won two awards this year from the Intl. Metal Decorators Assoc. (IMDA): that pertains to Technical Achievement Award and Best of Category Award (Aerosol & Bottle) Award of Excellence for their Muscle Up Milk and Panther asymmetric bottle designs.

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