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Pillow Boxes

Pillow Boxes

The name suggests that the shape will be like a pillow. Pillow boxes come in a wide range of sizes and in different styles.  Paper pillow boxes are available in a flat form which can easily be assembled.  Properly assembled pillow boxes will stay shut without any adhesive material or scotch tape. Extra strength and durability are provided to these boxes through overlapping tuck-in flap.  The thumb hole tab goes inside when assembling these boxes.


Pillow boxes – striking packaging for your top produce:

There is a variety of clear pillow boxes to pack your products, ranging from headphones to crafts and many more. There are a number of products which can be packed in these boxes.

Following types of pillow boxes are usually used:

Crystal clear pillow boxes:

Clear boxes are the best choice for packaging when you intend to make your product visible to your customers. You can create the professional presentation of your products through unique crystal clear pillow boxes. These will allow your items to be the centerpiece of your packaging. There are dimensional boxes, clear tubes, pop and lock boxes and many more. High impact resistant formulation makes them highly durable.

Hanging pillow boxes:

These are crystal clear pillow boxes with built-in optional hangar which provides you the convenience of handling the box easily.

Frosted pillow boxes:

These are distinctive and stylish clear frosted pillow boxes which are uniquely designed to be converted into gift boxes. Product image shows additional items to create a stylish look.

Kraft pillow boxes:

These pillow boxes are made from kraft paper. These are used to pack snack or favor packaging. Also used for gift items. These come with stickers or ribbon as per your requirements.

Standing pillow boxes:

Standing pillow boxes can make your product stand out from your competitors. The customer will see the product, not the packaging. These type of pillow boxes are the perfect choice to pack gifts as well as for the retail environment. These boxes can stand up by themselves or can be hanged on the hanging strip allowing you to display your product uniquely and easily.

Side hanging pillow boxes:

You will get your product noticed in these unique shaped pillow boxes. These boxes have a side hang strip.

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