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Top Product Packaging Threatening the Environment

Top Product Packaging Threatening the Environment

When it comes to product packaging the businesses have very steep downside from the perspective of environmental sustainability. Of course, it is worth mentioning that there are many businesses and companies that are respected for the efforts they are continuously making to reduce their environmental footprint. But when it comes to the packaging of certain product the related companies are way off the line. These products include potato chip, pizzas, and toothpaste. The byproducts from these products are under deep scrutiny from the environmentalists.

We will briefly look at these problems from the wastes from these products in the following,

Potato Chip Bags:

Made with several layers of plastic and foil that is lightweight and they are conveniently transportable due to less cost. The problem with these bags is that there is no mechanism or machines that can effectively isolate this type of waste from rubbish. So, this remains a big environmental drawback because chip bags cannot be recycled.  

Tooth Paste Tubes and Tooth Brushes:

The problem with toothpaste recycling is the residual that is left behind after the toothpaste tubes are disposed of makes it almost impossible to separate the toothpaste remains and the tube by the mechanical means and renders this product to be unrecyclable. The toothbrushes have a similar problem. The slender plastic body and the nylon bristles make them impossible to recycle.

Plastic Beverage Bottles

The plastic beverage bottles have come a long way when it comes to recycling them. But the environmental expert says that there is still a lot to do when it comes to the number of bottles that are recycled every year. There is still a lot to be done in this area.

The products that are mentioned here are the most common household goods that are consumed that make them very big when it comes to their total numbers in terms of production. It is the combined responsibility of societies to address the environmental issues that plague and threatens our future and the future of our coming generations.   

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