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Pillow Box Designs

Pillow Box Designs

Everyone likes a cozy, soft and comfortable pillow. The features of a modern pillow are undeniable. When it comes to comfort pillows are second to none of the household items. In the olden days, you may be shocked to know that pillow boxes were made of wood and stones. Even the emperors with royal families had pillows made of expensive gemstones like jade in China. It was quite a fashion at that time but today we cannot even think of falling asleep on such a material for a sound sleep.

Today the pillow boxes are made stuffed feather from fowl birds such as ducks and goose. There are other synthetic soft materials like polyester along with cotton that can be stuffed inside pillows making it soft and cushiony. 

When it comes to pillow boxes, there are as much important as the pillows themselves. The pillow boxes protect the pillows from dust, mites and other types of microbial protections that can make you sick and you pillows dirty even if you are not using them. Whenever you leave for long trips you need to wash your pillows and put them inside pillow boxes. 

A typical pillow box design usual have a fascinating shape. They have other uses also. You can use clean, new pillow boxes to pack gifts to give away on occasions that are worth the celebration. Actually, many people use pillow boxes as gift boxes for weddings and birthdays. The shapes of pillow boxes are very elongated with curvatures on both sides that provide a great and unique sensational design when it is packed with gifts. These pillow boxes sometimes have look through windows on them that makes them even more interesting. 

Pillow boxes once bought are very useful to store other things or you may want to buy a new pillow box. Pillow boxes allow you to keep products that may be your favorite electronics like your iPad or mp3 three players tucked nicely inside the pillow box. This ensures that your favorite belongings remain safe, protected and clean from dust. Moreover, you do not lose any style and save yourself from embarrassment if you take out a nice piece of electronics in front of your friends.


Shape of Pillow Boxes


As mentioned before pillow boxes as a unique shape and they were originally invented by an anonymous person (or at least he or she is not so well known). The pillow boxes off course as the name suggests captivates a pillow, therefore, it became known as pillow boxes. But, its beautifully curved shape is so attractive that they make extraordinary gift boxes to give away clothing, candy, chocolates and much more.   

Pillow boxes can be designed in many shapes and sizes. There are some shapes that are possible that can make your pillow box to stand upright. 

 A standing pillow box design 

Similarly, you may encounter square pillow boxes that are really cute little boxes that are very good for giving away gifts in style. 

 Square pillow box design 

You can even have pillow boxes with carrying handles which can make them even more interesting. They can be given as gifts to young girls and make an ideal case for shopping carry bags. These plastic pillow boxes are just amendments of plastic pillow boxes that you will find out as you read on further.

 Pillow Boxes Made into Shopping Carry Bags 


Materials used in Pillow Boxes


The material used in pillow boxes can be of many sorts and kinds. Pillow boxes can be made of plastic. They can also be used with cardboard or paperboard and its different material types such as Kraft. Kraft has a very smooth finishing that is very eye catching and make the very beautiful gift when a lace is tied around it. 

design of Kraft Pillow Boxes

When you need hardcore strength or complete see-through transparency, you can use plastic as material to make or order pillow boxes. Otherwise, cardboard pillow boxes do a very good job in providing a box that can house a pillow or a gift for that matter.

Plastic Gift Pillow Box shape

If you opt for plastic pillow boxes you can have pillow boxes that have such a material which will allow you to see through, it’s very good for giving away real flowers. Alternatively, you can have pillow boxes that have a blurred plastic enclosure. The blurred out plastic enclosure can give a hazy see through. It can be decorated with some very nice graphics. This type of plastic pillow boxes is called “Frosted pillow boxes.”  

Pillow boxes are fragile but you can make it to be added to strength. This is called corrugated cardboard and it can come with very elegant white color also. The corrugated boxes have three layers. The two outer layers are called liners and the middle layer mostly consisted of wavy lines that are called flutes. The flutes are glued between the two lines.  


2D and 3D Pillow Box Designs


2D and 3D pillow box designs can be made in computer graphics software like Adobe Illustrator. A product packaging designer can create a pillow box in the form of the 2D image but it is almost impossible to see the design in 3D with Adobe Illustrator alone. For 3D rendering, you need to use a plugins or extensions that are provided by third-party software companies. So, if you are using Adobe illustrator which is a very powerful graphics tool does have solutions that can enhance your design experience. 

Adobe Illustrator at work  

You can make 3D images in Adobe illustrator but there are many plugins for Adobe Illustrator, as mentioned before, that can describe and allow you to manipulate 2D packages into 3D graphics. These plugins really take out the heavy lifting work out of the design process and make the designer’s life much easier.


Printing of Pillow Boxes  


Pillow boxes can be very catchy in their shapes. They can be made of any size but the design of the pillow boxes gives the literally infinite number of possibilities. The color, style of graphics and other images can give you a huge array of options to get your pillow boxes designed. You may attempt to design them yourself and create some artwork of yours to display your creativity. Printing of pillow boxes is an art in its own right. The best way to come up with great pillow box designs either you do it yourself if you can run software like adobe illustrator and you have an artistic flair in you. There virtually endless possibilities that can make your pillow boxes prints look great. There are also other ways in which you can get professional help online to get your pillow boxes designed for you so that you can ensure some professional touch in your gift exchanges. 

A Well Printed Pillow Box    

The pillow box designs are usually very fascinating when it comes to the best options to give away gifts and store pillows. The pillows or other stuff can well protect from being crushed or from other forms of damage by adding corrugation to the boxes which are basically extra lining of strength. Pillow box designs usually stand out and can have very good looking features that make them excellent for giving on occasions that are worth celebrating and enjoying.

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