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Cheap Custom Packaging Designs

Cheap Custom Packaging Designs

Promote Brand With Custom Packaging

You walk past an isle in a shop or a super market, chances are, very likely you will be tempted to buy a product which was probably not on your shopping list but you simple choose to buy it because of its awesome packaging or perhaps it was the design which made it stand out amongst the other products on that shelf.    

Researches show that a well-planned and a vibrant custom packaging can play a vital role to increase a product’s visibility, which can make it more sellable and promote brand awareness.

Product packaging can provide a lot of information that can draw consumers to a product and influence their decision to actually buy the product irrespective of the need. Here are some of the ways that packaging can impact the consumer’s decision and, ultimately, sales of your product:

Product Name 

Selection of Name is of utmost importance. Having a good name which is short, relates to the product’s purpose, easy to spell and memorize can definitely help boost the sale of the product. Along with name selection, the importance of positioning of the name on the packaging plays a key role in accelerating the sales process.  

Targeting Consumers

While designing your custom packaging, always keep your target consumers in mind to make your product relate to your consumers. Certain colors, designs or pictures can appeal more to one group than another, and thus make your product of greater interest to them.


Product packaging is the best place to send a message to your consumer. A message which is simple yet appealing, strategically placed on your packaging box can make the consumer likely to pick it up and look at it, so messaging is a great opportunity to reach out to consumers and attract sales.

Less is More 

A design which is simple with less content tends to make greater impact on a consumer’s mind. Many of the main stream brands have adopted this approach over the time such as McDonalds, Amazon, Red bull, Apple and Dell. All these brands have simple designs which stick to a consumer’s mind, not only do people remember them all the time but also they relate to these brands due to the simplicity of their designs. Therefore maintaining a simple design approach helps to influence a consumer’s decision to buy the product.     

Product Benefit
A good approach to follow while designing custom packaging is to add detailed information about the product on the package as well as how would the product benefit the consumers. For example nutrition information, reduced price offer, product measurement instructions or the purpose of the product can help consumers decide if the product is for them.

Good packaging is just one of the strategies that can make your marketing and sales more successful. If you are looking to learn more about marketing and grow as a professional, see what American Marketing Association of Tampa Bay has to offer

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