Tips to consider while designing product Packaging.

You can adopt following packaging strategies to boost sales of your products easily. 1.       Packaging sizes Small Vs Big: Shoppers respond differently to different products, this very difference defines their buying behavior.  Their behavior may vary to different versions of the same product. For example a readymade food item serving four person ..

How children are influenced by packaging desgins

Good looking packaging attracts the audience but it is not necessary that it will sell the product and establish a connection with the right consumer. For using packaging as an effective branding tool, it must hit the conscious and sub-conscious minds of the customers in a positive note. It should be capable to invoke sentiments, memories and personal context in customers’ minds. In order ..

Effectiveness of Packaging

The old saying ‘First Impression is the last impression’ is a definitive staple of human interaction. People often bond with their surroundings i.e. other people or objects, based on their appearances; the same is true when it comes to their interaction with products and packaging. An average product can do wonders if coupled with a great packaging design. The same is true for a ..

Retail packaging

Retail packaging, as the name suggests, is the packaging of one single item or a bunch of items of the same nature. Now you don’t need to be worried, if your product is not filling the whole box or container. Packaging manufacturers have the solution to this problem also. They can size/design your packaging boxes according to your needs and requirements. Retail boxes come in many ..

Custom Boxes

CUSTOM BOXES In the changing scenario of packaging, it has gained much importance. Companies are using different kinds of boxes according to their requirements and custom box is also one of the many available options. Since these boxes are customized according to the specifications of the products, these are called custom boxes.These boxes are available in different sizes, shapes and styles ..