Top Product Packaging Threatening the Environment

When it comes to product packaging the businesses have very steep downside from the perspective of environmental sustainability. Of course, it is worth mentioning that there are many businesses and companies that are respected for the efforts they are continuously making to reduce their environmental footprint. But when it comes to the packaging of certain product the related companies are way ..

A New Zealand Start Up Aims to Revolutionize the Shopping Experience with Artificial Intelligence

A recently formed company IMAGR in New Zeeland is on the verge of introducing an AI-based technology that will take the consumer shopping convenience to a major new level. The company has announced that the funding for the project has been secured from Sage technologies for its AI-activated smart shopping cart system. The company is in talks with the giants of the retail industry in Aus ..

How Custom Packaging Help Build Your Brand

Packaging can be associated with brands in many ways and assign certain characteristics with products and brands owners provides authority and recognition in various ways leading to higher sales with a rise in credibility and visibility. Brand before Beauty Packaging experts do argue that the looks of a package are essential. There is a certain number of seconds in which the gaze o ..

How to Make Your Custom Packaging Box to Sell Your Product

A packaging box is the first point of communication between a company and a buyer.  Companies invest huge amount of money in printing attractive boxes. They hire printing experts who prepare such boxes which can highly influence purchase decision of potential buyers. Designing and printing of your company’s boxes are as important as your business strategy. Your customers like to ..

Customized Gift Packaging

No matter what time of the year it is, or what occasion it is, you will always have a reason to share a lovely gift, whether it is a formal corporate gift or a gift to your loved ones. Once you have bought your special gift, the next question is how to wrap it as it is important to make your gift stand out amongst many other and remain memorable to your recipient at the same time. This is where ..