What is most Eye-Catching for you when you buy something at a market—A survey Report

An organization named WePack recently conducted a survey, sampling out 650 UK citizens. 40% said that they get impressed by colors of the packaging and about a quarter of the individuals said that they get attracted by the imagery on the product packaging. The exact figures are as follows for the color and imagery. 37% said that they get impressed by the color 25% said that the look ..

How to Increase Your Sale with Packaging Design

Packaging design is a factor in the sales of a product that should be taken seriously. Ignoring this aspect of your branding and marketing can result in catastrophic consequences regarding the success of your product, no matter if you have the best product in the world. At the least, you will not be able to cash in the full potential of your product. It is a scientifically proven fact via marke ..

How Unawareness on Food Packaging can Harm you

It is almost impossible to imagine life without food packaging that includes plastic cling films, a host of plastic jars, tubs, tubes, bags, and boxes. In 2014 about 6000 different substances were approved by government agencies that are fit for human health if used in food packaging. The adverse effect of all these substances on the food and the environment has raised a lot of questions. A ..

Antalis Packaging advises businesses Make their Packages to be Returnable this Xmas

As the online shopping is evolving there is a trend that people are overbuying and making excessive returns. There is very little doubt that business of this age is up to the par in terms of the processes and technology behind internet e-commerce, track record concerning stock, inventory, and delivery of products and services. These businesses not only have to maintain their credit in terms of ..

New Technology to reshape Aluminum Beverage Bottles

Several years of Research and Development at Ontario, Canada based company Mentebello Packaging makes its mark in food and beverage packaging by introducing new technology in creating Aluminum beverage packaging. This patented technique that they introduce, permits asymmetric shapes and branding possibilities with a variety of printing options. These aluminum based bottles can be easily packed ..