Pillow Box Designs

Everyone likes a cozy, soft and comfortable pillow. The features of a modern pillow are undeniable. When it comes to comfort pillows are second to none of the household items. In the olden days, you may be shocked to know that pillow boxes were made of wood and stones. Even the emperors with royal families had pillows made of expensive gemstones like jade in China. It was quite a fashion at tha ..

71 Outclass & Maverick Product Packaging Design Suggestions

Tips to create your product packaging design strategy In this age of communication, everyone is ridiculously bombarded with product advertisement. In every form of ad that is running around us has top display packaging. The design of product packaging works to boost the sales of a product. Now, there is ample scientific evidence in the field of neurosciences that proves that the packaging o ..

Tips for Creative Custom Packaging Intended for Shipment

Your product packaging can be more important in order to win your customer’s heart can be more important than you may think. It definitely carries more impact on the minds of the customers when you offer them a great packaging experience. Why Custom Packaging Sells More Packaging is so important that you can pack a dead rat instead of a cupcake and with exceptional packaging, it w ..

Impact of Packaging on the Sales of your Product

As the new research unfolds in the packaging industry, new astonishing facts are being revealed. Packaging is becoming a vehicle to drive sales for products of every kind. The Brand and information that a product holds cannot be imagined without proper packaging. As the businesses around the world realize the facts behind the consumer behavior to raise sales, the role of product packaging is ga ..

Top Packaging Problems that can Bust your product in the Market

When you have a groundbreaking product and it gets beaten then there is definitely something wrong with it one way or another. If the price is reasonable then in most cases the packaging has to be blamed. Packaging is the face of your product and can make a difference not only in the success of your product but also in sales that can hit the sales target. In the following, you find the biggest ..