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Marie Kondo introduces shoe styled boxes to declutters people’s homes

Marie Kondo introduces shoe styled boxes to declutters people’s homes

The Japanese guru of boxes has introduced new box style that will assist the people to manage and organize their homes in an effective and efficient manner. This shoe styled box is a set of 3 empty containers which she defines the Hikidashi packaging box.

The box guru lady is famous and popular in Japan for its unique and innovative styled packaging boxes such as the KonMari method, a technique that gives the confidence to live with short and fewer necessities.

According to this method, she has of opinion that people should hold their possessions in their hands one by one. Moreover, she encourages the people to have held and possessed those items and things with them that spark enjoyment and happiness in their lives and ditch those items and things that are creating issues and irritation in their lives.

To materialize her idea into the reality, she has developed a Hikidashi box which is aimed to place the things which spark the happiness and amusement in one’s life. Those special things can be placed and stored for long with proper and in organized shape. The world has meant a drawer in Japanese word.

These unique ideas by this expert have been devised after working with the clients in the USA. However, she cleared that storing and placing of enjoyable things into this box is not done in America. It is a Japanese custom where people do like this with great fervor and interest.

Due to the different trends perpetuated in America, those people were unable to employ this unique idea for organizing the things. The expert has tried its best to develop the unique idea of packaging in America, but she could not bring a unique idea in America due to their specific trends entrenched there.

Expert Marie then brought a set and beautiful boxes that could be used to order their homes in an effective way. For this purpose, she collaborated with the Apple’s packaging section to discuss the packaging design of Hikidashi boxes. According to the fast company website, the expert Marie is in search of design such packaging box in which seamless box should be introduced that can ensure the protection of the product in an effective way. it should be sustainable too.

The boxes have 3 piece sets classified as the large, medium and small box. In addition to these features, 4 designs and styles are used in these packaging boxes that are clarity, harmony, balance, and wonder.

The designed unique box is made up of reinforced fiberboard, recycled paper in order to reduce the impacts of an environment. The top board is laminated with premium paper to enhance the durability. The materials used are certified by the FSC that means that the material comes from reliable forests. In addition to it, the inner section of the box is lined with fabulous prints made Marie herself.

To help out the customers in using the box, the short videos and helpful tips are dispatched to the customers for an online purchaser of the box. Marie has developed this innovative philosophy of packaging in 2011 in her internationally best-selling book: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.   

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