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Coffee Company La Colombe’s introduces a new Packaging to Keep Coffee Fresh

Coffee Company La Colombe’s introduces a new Packaging to Keep Coffee Fresh

Coffee produces La Colombe has launched a coffee container they call Mini-Vault. It is an aluminum can that can hold 5.1 oz. of coffee. This innovative new coffee packaging keeps coffee fresh insides it about five times longer. The CEO of the company and co-founder Todd Carmichael shares is the vision on the future of coffee as they want to bring quality bends of coffee, making the homemade coffee a thing of the past removing the guesswork in the home grinding process and the stereotype ways of keeping the coffee fresh.

The mini-vault keeps the hold on Carbon- dioxide inside the package while the other brands of coffee allow the gas to escape which hurts the taste and freshness of the coffee. Mini-vault is a product that is a result of the thinking outside the box. By keeping the gases inside the container dramatically slows down the aging process of the coffee inside the package. 

La Colombe assigns the credit for the idea to Crown Beverage Packaging in North America. The scientist found that high pressured chamber was required to keep the coffee fresh with its distinct flavor. La Colombe approached Crown to design the container with proper size and with a unique opening mechanism.

Consumer research by La Colombe finds out that most coffee drinkers use coffee drip machines to make their coffee at home. The mini-vault is 5.1-oz slim-style beverage can hold up to 37.2 g that is enough for two coffee lovers on a weekday morning.

At the moment La-Colombe is offering Corsica blend and hopes to offer more blends in the new packaging in the near future.  The Corsica blend in mini-vault is available in all La-Colombe retail locations across the US including via its website.

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