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How Intelligent Packaging makes Printing Industry Evolve

How Intelligent Packaging makes Printing Industry Evolve

The trends of traditional and formal packaging styles are not getting the attention of the customers. With the passage of time and invention of technological tools demanding new and innovative packaging designs and styles for the customers. Printed technologies have evolved with the packaging requirements and with choices of the customers, laws and customer requirements over a period of time. Digitalization and technologies are creating a new framework for the development of smart and intelligent applications as per the demand and aspiration of the customers. This evolution in the field of packaging and intelligent applications requires printed technologies to improve their functionality and structure in the processing and printing of packaging information to make them active and intelligent packaging.

What is intelligent packaging

The terms active or intelligent packaging refer to packaging systems used in a wide and varied range of business sections that include the foods, pharmaceuticals, and several other types of products. Intelligent packaging helps in many ways such as extending the life of products in shelves, monitor freshness, display information, improve the safety of products, and improved conveniences. The future of intelligent packaging is bright and expected to grow exponentially. The share of active packaging market is estimated at $4.62 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow moderately with a pace of average rate 4% for underdeveloped countries.
The worth of this business will surpass the value of $1 billion with major changes occurring around the printed coding, marking, chemical devices, electronic environmental sensors and antennas designed for dynamic communication of information. There are plenty of opportunities that are pouring in with the advancement of the intelligent packaging and smart packaging for printers. We will discuss here some of the ways that will change the print businesses focusing on packaging and printing.

Role of intelligent packaging in the printing industry

The new intelligent and smart packaging gives an opportunity for the development of printing technologies. With the rising demand for printed technologies, it is becoming the much need that how the printed technologies can be applied and integrated with the digitalization of packaging material. Smart and intelligent packaging bring an opportunity for the printer to have put money in acquiring the latest technology that can be added with digitalization to provide the digital and smart packaging solution of the customers in the future.
As the demand for intelligent packaging is getting pace with the passage of time, it is becoming incumbent upon the printer manufacturers to bring a change a lot around the software and workflow. Now, it was incumbent upon the Printers to learn and apply the technologies such as how to print them on paper, cardboard, electronics and other printed devices. When these technologies are printed on paper or cardboard in the form of tags, labels, and stickers can prove beneficial and fruitful in the string the date and using it for further business usage.

Potential of intelligent packaging

Intelligent or smart packaging has huge potential to bring positive change in the business. It provides an opportunity of the food business, processing companies, and pharma companies to understand and implement these technologies in their business. Printer manufacturers know well about the latest packaging solutions and doing collaborations with the industries that are closely working in the domain of intelligent packaging solutions.
It can establish business models that provide consulting for the area of intelligent packaging. This makes easy for the printer manufacturers to apply and understand the packaging requirement and exposure about technology that will give other boost-up in creating intelligent packaging industry. it can also encourage the small and medium business to employ the intelligent packaging manufacturing style in its business style.

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