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How to Make Your Custom Packaging Box to Sell Your Product

How to Make Your Custom Packaging Box to Sell Your Product

A packaging box is the first point of communication between a company and a buyer.  Companies invest huge amount of money in printing attractive boxes. They hire printing experts who prepare such boxes which can highly influence purchase decision of potential buyers.

Designing and printing of your company’s boxes are as important as your business strategy. Your customers like to study what the boxes or labels say about your product. You should think as if you are the buyer and then design your boxes accordingly. In this way, you will be able to convey what the customers expect from you.

Tips to print your Packaging Boxes:

1. Printing of instructions:

Ø  Write down all the information which you want to mention on your box. It will be better if you put yourself in buyer’s shoes and then think what information you would like to find on the product box and then include all that information on your box. 

Ø  People like to know the functions and benefits of your product. Product relating messages, such as ingredients, using instructions, benefits or any promotional offer should be printed on packaging boxes. Mentioning of expiry date is also important and customers like to see this also.

Ø  If there are multiple varieties of the same product for multiple functions, it should be mentioned that for which specific function or disease this product is. This information is the most important and your customers are most eager to see this on your product box. You may have come across cosmetic boxes printed with “for dry skin” or “oil free”, etc.

Ø  Also mention such information which tells what special feature you product has, which differentiate it from other ordinary products. For example if you prepare pure herbal or organic products, please do mention it on your boxes. 

2. Printing of Designs:

Beautify your boxes by following the latest designing trends in the market. Many big brands are using graphic or tactile animal prints on their cosmetic boxes.  Another trend in cosmetic packaging is the printing images of food items showing that these products have been used in the preparation of this product. For example, pictures of fruits, honey, olives and eggs are printed on packaging boxes.

By printing attractive designs on your packaging boxes, you can make people turn their heads and make purchases. 

3. Sustainability:

This is very important feature and you must keep this in mind before deciding about your custom packaging box. People are becoming aware about the environmental threats and they don’t like to use products packed in such material which may impose environmental hazard. It means that biodegradable and environmental friendly material should be used in preparation of your boxes to make a positive impression on your customers’ minds.

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