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Tips for Creative Custom Packaging Intended for Shipment

Tips for Creative Custom Packaging Intended for Shipment

Your product packaging can be more important in order to win your customer’s heart can be more important than you may think. It definitely carries more impact on the minds of the customers when you offer them a great packaging experience.

Why Custom Packaging Sells More

Packaging is so important that you can pack a dead rat instead of a cupcake and with exceptional packaging, it will sell like hotcakes. Of course, you will be in trouble in the long run but this strategy can sell sand in the desert and ice in winter with a huge profit.

What is meant to say that of course, you will not want to do that, but this clearly shows the picture of about the importance of the quality of packaging as compared to the product inside or maybe even more in other cases?    

Simply, custom boxes or packaging including the product inside has to create a strong emotional bond with your customer. It has to make the customer feel special. It has to give a great unboxing experience. This is the strategy that has built companies like and household brand names. In short, customer experience is paramount.

How Custom Packaging Impacts Your Sale

When you are in a business that ships merchandise to customers, in most cases you will outsource your packaging to third parties. This is where the power of custom boxes come into power for the packaging your product and enhance the customer experience.

Custom Packaging for shipment that is well designed provides the following benefits. 

  • It provides you an edge as a business over your competitors.
  • It shows your customers that you care about their feelings.
  • It makes them feel important and makes them excited.
  • It conveys them a message that you are willing to take that extra step to serve them.
  • Custom packaging can minimize or even eliminate the damage during transport.
  • It can influence more new shoppers.
  • It makes repeat customers.
  • It inspires more people to try your product and give positive reviews.

These are just a small account of the havoc that you can create with proper custom packaging and give attention to detail to the packaging before shipping your product.

Three Tips for Packaging and Shipping

Now that the importance of packaging is out of the way, you may be dying to know how you can make your packaging better. You do not have to because you can take look at the images inspirations that your successful competitors are publishing on the web. Keeping this in mind you can spot the following trends that are prevalent in the packaging industry.

Labels that Show Affection

Adding high quality and well-printed labels to your product custom packaging show that you are an established business and enhances your brand image in the head of your customer even if you are a team of only five workers as a team. No one will question you and your clients or customer will not spend time researching about you on a general note.

Your creatively designed logo and another branding can make a cool impact on your brand and it will display your professionalism. Remember these tiny details do matter in your packaging that is shipped to your customers.



Make Your Packaging Look like a Gift  

You can take great inspirations from looking at the way people make gifts for special occasions. This will help you visualize getting your packaging before you make a custom packaging order. If you are a creative person or have access to creative people who can design gift like the packaging for you in a 3D computer environment, you can have it a go.



Keep Your Packaging Budget in Control  

This is a very important tip if you want to succeed in a business. Always keep your budget and finances in control. There are very well known business in the industry that spends so resources on packaging alone that they end up spending more on packaging than the product itself that has to be packaged.

Now, if you are a big business with a big brand than this may work out because you can afford to hire teams to do packaging and of course you will have people to keep track of the finances involved. You do not have to be an owner of a giant business to come up with a packaging that is attractive. You just need creativity and you can strategize this cliché that “less is more.”


There many other measures that you can think of, but these are the most basic ones. The point to emphasize here is that disregarding the size of your business organization, you need to provide a great deal of stress and attention to packaging in order to succeed. 

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