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3 Easy Concepts for Sustainable Packaging to Reduce Food Waste

3 Easy Concepts for Sustainable Packaging to Reduce Food Waste

The preservation of food has been remaining the important topic across since from the early history of man. It is fact that man cannot use all the food at the time of need. He has to save for further use. The man has remained concerned to save the food in a proper way so that food can be used without changing the taste of the food. Man wants to save the food for future use sustainably. He doesn’t want to waste the food at any cost. It is imperative for us as a human to leave no stone unturned to save the food from getting waste. The smart and unique ideas in packaging can help you out to secure the food to maximum capacity. Packaging blue is also offered such food packaging solutions that will help you out to save food from getting waste.

There are innovative and creative techniques in packaging solution that can help you out to save the food from wasting by measurably and systematically. It needs some innovative and creative ideas of packaging on part of packaging business. There is incredible potential on the part of the packaging business to prepare sustainable packaging solutions for the foods to reduce its wastage. We need a collective effort to come forward and save the food as much as we can. Packaging business must realize the importance of suitable packaging designs that can reduce the food wastage if they manufacture measurable and systematic packaging designs.

Packaging solution for bread

Bread is believed to be the most consumed food product along with wasted food in the world. People throw away an overwhelming amount of 24 million slices of bread every day. However, an average loaf, properly stored can be preserved up to seven days. The important point with regard to the bread is that it can be consumed in 2 to 3 days. After this, it will go to waste. By making the sustainable packaging solution to the bread we preserve it for 7 days. This packaging solution replaces the outdated ineffective plastic tags used on bread packaging today. Such packaging design can easily be made from bioplastic film and has advantages of recycling facilities.

Packaging solution to reduce rice waste

Extra cooked rice without proper measuring the rice go waste on daily basis across the world. It is estimated that around 80,000 tons of rice go waste in this poor measurement. If they are measured in proper proportion and systematics way, it can be saved from wasting. Packaging Blue that is the largest packaging business in the USA, manufactures the rice packaging solutions with marked printing to help consumers cook the right quantity for their meal.

Packaging solution for Bananas

It is estimated that those people of the USA spend about $2 billion on bananas each year. And the wastage and whopping proportion are about 1.4 millions of banana every day. These bananas are wasted and rejected because of little bruise and blemish. However, simple print-on label design can make easy for the customers to creatively reuse the bananas turning them into a delicious smoothie it will become visible as the banana ripens and turn down. All these smart packaging solutions can easily be implemented and could be effective for the overall business as well as efficient.

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