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How Microsoft fixed the worst thing about product packaging

How Microsoft fixed the worst thing about product packaging

Microsoft is the international top class of software and technology company. It is the top and most reliable technology and software company across the world. It provides the software and IT services to its customers across the world. Headquarter of this company is located in Washington, DC, USA. Its founder Bill Gates has ranked the world’s no 1 rich person having assets of $94 billion. This company manufactures games and computer software for its customers across the world. The packaging design is getting the prominent stage in the packaging process. When it comes to the packaging of software and games, then traditional packaging designs are not meeting the criteria of the customers. The software and video games are the unique and most sophisticated object you are going to purchase in the market. 

Customers are expecting the packing of these skillful objects more marvelous and magnificent. To fill the gap and to meet the unique aspiration of the customers, Microsoft has offered the packaging design and style for some software and games that can astonish the customers. It has offered a unique and innovative packaging design for the customers that will empower the customers to gain the confidence and have trust in these technological giants. It feels make the customers have an enjoyable experience while having such packaging that will have modern packaging styles. 

Packaging box of Adaptive Controller by Microsoft

The automated adaptive controller is gamepad made by the Microsoft for the people to have enjoyment. The traditional packaging will not fulfill the needs and requirements of this adaptive controller as it is a very complex and unique shaped gamepad. Microsoft has devolved the packaging box for these adaptive controllers so that it can be packed in well and suitable manner. The outer shape of this packaging box presents the standard brown rectangle. It has been providing with all facilities as you can pull on loop at the end and rep single line of tape. It has facility provide in packaging that you can grab it right out or you can use it by underhand or by foot slide it out. Microsoft has taken care of every customer’s needs and aspiration in this packaging. Even the customers who are with a disability can use it in an effective and easy manner. they have given attention to the feedback from the customers to mold the packaging box of the adaptive controller according to them.

Features of Microsoft’s Xbox adaptive controller

Microsoft has taken into consideration every aspects and wish of the customer in the packaging of the adaptive controller in the marvelous and fantastic way. It has changed the traditional paradigm of packaging to the new and modern packaging paradigm shift.  It has uniqueness in its packaging as when you push this box from any angle, it will get unfurl flat. The paper present in it can be folded and be poked or prodded and even can be pulled open whatever you want. The uniqueness of this packaging is that it can open in multiple ways, not in a single way.  When the packaging box is opened, you can be the look at the controller and can be propped up.  It has the facility of having more than one loop to pull it out or you can just nudge them it slightly. 
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