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The Economics of packaging

The Economics of packaging

It is famous saying that prevention is always better than cure. This saying should be implemented in every aspect of life even though it costs too much in your task, but it will benefit you in long run for you by benefiting you saving of time and costs. The implementation of the formula is much necessary for you in the packaging of goods that are purchased online. If damaged or poor packaged goods are delivered to your customers will reflect a bad image for your business and reputation. It will lead towards a decrease in sales and damaged the reputation of the brand.

Moreover, the outward movement of goods in just necessary, there may be more chances of returning goods to you. The safe and sound returning of goods is also necessary for the brand. The images of companies are judged by the return experience of the customer.

According to the estimates of the reverse logistics association, the one packed product suffers damage in every 14 packaged products during the online purchase. These damages are mostly transit damages and their rate can be higher in some cases. According to the citizen's advice bureau survey conducted by them, there has been received 10 reports of damaged products received from over 2000 online shopping purchasing. This figure is enormously high and needs to be fixed urgently by electronic manufacturers or e-giants.

Over the Top

Some manufacturer companies wrongly assume that the transit damage is part of the cost price of the product or doing of business. if manufacturers do enough effort to find out and identifying the cost incurring on the damaged goods and action are taken to take immediate steps to correct the errors than a handsome amount will be repaid to your company by reducing the costs and improving bottom lines and satisfying the customers.
The important point is that the traditional packaging is not suitable for that online packaging target. Moreover, the traditional packaging is harmful for the environment. In contrary, the governments across the world are taking measures against the plastic waste that are creating the pressure on the packaging industries. The smart and modern idea of fixing all these issues lies by introducing the recyclable materials in packaging solutions. The reuse of material will help out the cost by lessening the packing times and reducing the demand for expensive storage plants.

The solution lies in the Bag

The solution lies in the reduction in packaging material consumed in the packaging process. Use one component in packaging to make the packaging sustainable. If you will use one component instead of using multiple components such as laminations, bubble wraps etc. through using cardboard boxes will increase the productivity. The one component you are going to use (exempting other components) should be made durable and strong enough to complement the needs of other components in the packaging. The material should be recyclable and bio-degradable. It should be done in a way to attain efficiency in the packaging solution. in the end, try to make sure the same component of packaging to become the delivery process for return so that it can be possible for the customers to reuse it and reduce the cost price and waste.

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