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LUXURY PACKAGING – What sets you APART from the crowd

LUXURY PACKAGING – What sets you APART from the crowd

“Consumers care about packaging almost as much as the brand”. Names like “simple” and “basic” have been introduced, as “value-priced versions” of industry standards by the consumer brands to entice the middle-class customers to buy. Companies are betting on premium products like household cleaners, shampoos and nutrition that Makes 45 per cent of their purchase.

At times What’s on the outside is more important than the inside – Consumers are often tempted to buy extra thick paper towels over the ordinary paper towels, a moisturizer with anti-aging serum over a simple face wash or pineapple juice over orange juice. So what influences their decision to buy one product over the other? The answer is simple. Smart product manufacturers always think of their consumers and hence invest in luxury packaging for their product which makes their product standout in the crowd of hundreds of other products. They use it to convey the premium luxury experience. The consumers rank packaging equal to brand when they think about the overall satisfaction of the product.

The sensory and environmental factors can play a pivotal role, “un-consciously”, in giving the emotional signal to customers to think positively about the product. As a guest entering a hotel can guess by the good lighting and scent in the lobby that the room will be elegantly furnished.  This is true for all everyday products.

How do the consumer rank a product and value it enough to make a purchasing decision.  

Shelf Appeal:

Shelf appeal of packaging is one way to allure the consumer to purchase the product.  Skin care and fragrance lines citing used with photorealistic imagery is a method of premium positioning. This is also true for gourmet packaged foods category.


Structural element of packaging play a positive role in brand communication. Consumers are more focused on the functional aspects of packaging. They would like to buy a product with a sturdy handle, good pressure of the dispenser and easy to open bottle. Theses can contribute to image of quality craftsmanship and luxury.

The Magic Touch:

The feel of the packaging is just as important as its appearance. Touch is the most effective way to communicate, it has the power to provide reassurance and comfort, so the tactile quality of packaging can completely transform how a brand is perceived. This extends from the materials used to its weight. Heavier packaging exudes a feeling of quality – this doesn’t mean your packaging should be excessive, but it should feel secure in the hands of the consumer. The use of different finishes, such as embossed textures, contrasting varnish effects, or even carton board that feels like suede are all options that help to convey a brand’s image of quality.


Looks good, feels good:

The unveiling which is the pause between opening the box and seeing the item inside is part of the magic. Unwrapping a luxury item should feel like an event in itself. This is created through layers, and meticulous designing. Within food packaging this additional layer can be used to help keep the product fresh, and if it is designed carefully, it can add to the luxurious appearance of the packaging. Same is true for other premium products such as shoes, formal wears, perfumes, cosmetics and jewellery.


The inside of the packaging is often just as important as the outside when it comes to the luxury end of the market. The user experience needs to feel quality from beginning to end. The use of printed patterns inside the packaging or even a short marketing message is a way to carry the user experience through to the finished product until consumption.

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