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How children are influenced by packaging desgins

How children are influenced by packaging desgins

Good looking packaging attracts the audience but it is not necessary that it will sell the product and establish a connection with the right consumer. For using packaging as an effective branding tool, it must hit the conscious and sub-conscious minds of the customers in a positive note. It should be capable to invoke sentiments, memories and personal context in customers’ minds. In order to trigger the minds of the customers, the product packaging must establish the right brand to consumer connection.   


Children respond most promptly to emotional cues. But, since a number of available options distract children attention more easily, it is a big challenge for brands to motivate children. Children will interact with the packaging at a deeper level by engaging their senses through tactile sensations. You can sell your product to children by motivating them through interacting packaging design of your products.

Interactive Packaging:

Those companies that sell children brands and make their packaging unique and highly interactive are loved by children so much that children prefer these things on any other brand. Big brands make their custom packaging design surprising, delightful and inter-active. Unique package structure, showing the entire toys inside the package and the package showing outlines of bat ears and reinforced by figures of batsman and Robin. You can depict a photo showing a batsman in action and this will entice your children customers to act more profoundly.


Similarly, the girls will identify the “Sofia doll” in purple clothes, sitting in a jungle, with her animal friends surrounding her. The package structure is such that children can see Sofia and her friends very clearly through packet. It conveys the message to children’s conscious and sub-conscious mind to act fast to buy that package. Many messages, such as “love with animals” or “Sofia with her animal friends” are printed on the package. These are simple messages but routed towards target audiences through packaging design and the customers are enchanted by these messages. You can also print message according to your product, which will help a lot in boosting your sale.

Packaging of children’s products, which they can inspect, touch and interact, is their priority over any other brand. You can also play with the emotions of the children by pleasing them through pictures and messages on the packet and in turn get a considerable sale. Interacting with the packaging is the most important factor for its sale because it appeals to consumers’ subconscious mind meaningfully.

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