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Networking opportunities abound at PACK EXPO 2018

Networking opportunities abound at PACK EXPO 2018

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The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies prepared a report in which it is stated that the Snack Break Lounge will be back to Pack Expo international 2018. The National Conference Association has hosted the event that was in fact sponsored by Robert Bosch confectionary Technology.

It is all about the confectionary industry. Experts and their customers will are added to the conference agenda. In the conference, all concerns and issues which are being faced by the industry of packaging. It will be the network in which manufacturers all around the world will be invited, and an agenda will be put before them about the meeting place and information about the snacks industry. It is an endeavor to arrange a get-to-gather- of experts, professionals and well-reputed persons who can contribute intellectually that can help to wipe out the packaging issues. 

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