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Amazon apologies the customer for sending earplugs into 2 feet long cardboard box

Amazon apologies the customer for sending earplugs into 2 feet long cardboard box

A musician customer was bluffed when he opened the 2 feet long cardboard box and found that the two tiny earplugs are dispatched into these boxes. The musician has ordered and purchased these two tiny earplugs packed into online shoppers. He was amazed that why the electronics giant has put the two earplugs having the size of 2 cm into the two feet long cardboard boxes. He asked and held accountable the Amazon for this ridiculousness.

Richard who is a musician and wants to get the earplugs have placed an order at Amazon to acquire the two tiny having a size of about 2cm long to its home address. After one day, he was shocked to see the 2 feet long cardboard box lying in front of his house. He very consciously opened the cardboard box and then found that the earplugs packed are placed in one corner of the cardboard box. He wondered why the electronic giants have packed these tiny articles into big packaging box. Even, the small envelope was enough to get pack the tiny and small earplugs.

Amazon is the USA’s largest electronic commerce business. Though this e-commerce, customers are purchasing every type of product whatever they want are getting at their doorsteps without visiting physically to the market.

Richard, after getting the earplugs have written to the Amazon that why have they packed the tiny earplugs into the cardboard boxes. Amazon has also conceded that they have made the mistake and it is too excessive to pack the tiny thing into the long cardboard box.

Amazon tender apology to the customers by saying that it needed a small amount of packaging for earplugs. It wrote to the customers by saying that sorry to see this. That is excessive.

For this action, amazons have been constantly criticized over the unnecessary packaging of the small and tiny items. They have ridiculed the Amazon for this nonsense action.

In March, Amazon was also ridiculed by women who go a bottle of nail polish in a box big enough to suit both her feet.

In addition to this, another customer complained that he was confused after getting eight separate boxes when he placed an order of 8 clipboards.

Amazon representative said that we are trying our best to improve the sustainability of packaging across the supply chain process across the USA. They said that in this regard, the feedbacks of the customers are helping us to do more improvements in our packaging styles and designs.

We are pursuing a multi-pronged strategy to reform the packaging issues in e-commerce. For this, we are employing multi-year waste reduction initiatives and e-commerce ready packaging. In addition to it, we are also pursuing amazon frustration-free packaging to promote the 100% recyclable packaging and to ship products. We are leaving no stone unturned to improve the communication level between the customers and Amazon. We can reduce the conflict regarding packaging between the customers and the business by making effective communication.

We will also hold accountable our employs that are doing this kind of mistakes in the packaging of products. 

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