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FPA opens 2019 Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge

FPA opens 2019 Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge

The flexible packaging association is the world’s leading association of the manufacturers of flexible packaging. This company is a USA-based association that is aimed to provide a solution with regard to the packaging boxes, material or equipment to the industry in complex matters. This association is aimed at extending the support to the aspirants of packaging solutions as well as giving support to the packaging business. This association initiates a competition among students for the flexible packaging design challenge. The initiating of this challenge is aimed at encouraging the students to bring new and innovative ideas with respect to the flexible packaging.

It brings innovative and creative in packaging. Moreover, it is also beneficial for the students also because it sharpens its creative sense and boosts up their confidence. For this year of 2019, flexible packaging association has started the completion for students for 209 years. His is the 15th time that the flexible student packaging design challenge has been initiated by the associated among the talented students. The student who brings new innovative ideas and is able to provide a right and accurate solution for the packaging, the student is awarded a prize and honorary certification.

The process of packaging competition

Flexible packaging association asks the students to submit the preliminary idea or outline on initial bases before the actual competition or sample. The concept and outlines will be evaluated by the association and if initial concepts and outlined are approved by the associated, the approved students are asked to begin the development of the packaging sample for the competition. The student is given choice to make the sample according to the parameters of packaging schools. In the situation of any confusion, the FPA members can be contacted and they will guide the students in the time of need or help with regard to packaging. 

The submission of outline or concept to the association is September 21, 2018. After the submission of the outline, the idea or concept that is approved and develops the first place will be entitled to get a winning prize of $1000. Similarly, the student who will fall in the second position will be entitled to get the $500 prize.

The advantage of packaging competition

This competition offers a platform for those brilliant students who have some unique and innovative packaging idea and can help the world’s business. It gives them confidence, the courage to do hard work more in order to come first. It sharpens their creative skills. It improves their thinking style and vision. In addition to the advantage for students, this completion is beneficial for the association. Through this competition, some unique and modern ideas of packaging pour into an industry that resolves the many complex issues regarding the packaging. 

It also makes the current ways of packaging more comfortable and convenient. If some successful idea comes through this competition that can resolve the packaging challenge for the business community, then that idea is practically applied and packaging boxes are made on that paradigm to bring more facility for the customers. In this way, business will be able to secure maximum profit from their business.

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