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You know you are a packaging engineer if…

You know you are a packaging engineer if…

That is not at all necessary for a person to get the relevant degree to know about the material of kraft. There are materials like kraft, cardboard, and corrugated. It is not mandatory for a person to have the relevant diploma of packaging in order to judge the materials. It is also not necessary for you to have the degree of engineering to evaluate the packaging options. If you have experience in the field of packaging, and you know about the features as well as characteristics of the paper, you are the engineer of the packaging. You have the right to call yourself an engineer.

You can visit the market. You will be able to find some factual realities in the field that there will be the persons who are devoid of the sense to judge the packaging papers even by having diplomas. But you will be also able to find such persons in the same market who do not have the relevant degree at all, but they are highly advanced knowledge of packaging, additional features of packaging and many more. They have the practical experience in the market. 

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