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What is most Eye-Catching for you when you buy something at a market—A survey Report

What is most Eye-Catching for you when you buy something at a market—A survey Report

An organization named WePack recently conducted a survey, sampling out 650 UK citizens. 40% said that they get impressed by the colors of the packaging and about a quarter of the individuals said that they get attracted by the imagery on the product packaging.

The exact figures are as follows for the color and imagery.

37% said that they get impressed by the color

25% said that the look at imagery

15% choose the product packaging size

11% like to look at shapes

9% look at the texture.

This survey counts for both the online and offline markets. This affirms the previous research done in this respect that revealed that the color of the packaging plays a dominant part in selling the products. 

9% of the subjects participating in the survey choose the texture of the packaging; it has been found that men are more inclined towards the feel of the packaging than women. As much as 59 subjects who voted for the texture of a product package 70% of them were men. This clearly implies that brands that sell products directed towards men should find ways to communicate the feel of their products more effectively.

This survey also found that the women are more attracted towards color than men. As much as 31% of men as compared to 43% of women were attracted towards the color of the product.

This discovery also suggests that that the brands do not have to redesign or rethink their packaging. Rather the companies with an online presence can take advantage of the freedom of digital graphics and effects that is available by the digital media and enhance the presentation of their products resorting on the information available on this research report.   

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