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Trends Shaping Food and Beverage Packaging

Trends Shaping Food and Beverage Packaging

New opportunities in food and beverage packaging are emerging out due to demographic changes, new lifestyles and changed eating patterns.  Due to these demographic mega-trends, population distribution has also changed and this shift has influenced the eating habits of the masses.

 People are diverting to outdoor eating or to carry packed food items to homes. Due to these dynamic changes in eating trends, new tendencies are shaping food and beverage packaging.

Manufacturers are heavily investing in adopting and experimenting to use new forms of food and beverage packaging in line with changed behaviour and consumers’ attitude towards edibles.  There are four key factors which shape food and beverage packaging.

Smaller Packages: smaller packages are a big trend in packaging now. These packages contain food for one or two persons only. These also include packaging for single serve or meals for two multi-packs of individual portions. Smaller-footprint stores are emerging out as a result of this newly emerged trend.

Convenient packaging: convenience is added to food and beverage packaging which boost their sale. Features like light weight, ease of opening, portability, reusability and no-mess dispensing are such benefits which influence consumers’ purchasing behaviour in a positive way.


See-thru packaging: Such packaging boxes are being used which have see-through windows. Transparency in packaging taps increase consumers’ desire figuratively which derives people to purchase the product. Transparency showing the inside ingredients win the consumers’ goodwill and trust to boost sales.

Eco-friendly packaging:  Single serve water or cold drink bottles have come under severe criticism due to the reason that this is a source of environmental hazard.  Companies have introduced such bottles which are easily recyclable. More environmental friendly materials and designs are used.

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