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Sealed Air Solves Packaging Challenges for Amazon Vendors

Sealed Air Solves Packaging Challenges for Amazon Vendors

Sealed Air Corporation a leading and renowned manufacturer of protective packaging solution as announced to participate in the Amazon packaging support and supplier network and bring innovative ideas into the packaging. Amazon that is the USA leading electronic commerce business created the Amazon packaging support and supplier network to provide the vendors, sellers, and retail shopkeepers have provided a list and detail of packaging companies that meets the Amazon packaging needs and certification. As an active member of amazon packaging support and supplier network, Amazon has given mandate the sealed Air to conduct test, design and supply packaging without directing getting approval from Amazon.

Any vendor or manufacturers who want to acquire certification will have to contact to the 20 packaging design application centers of the Sealed Air in the USA, Asia and Europe. Sealed Air is one of the tops and new APASS providers to the vendors and manufacturers. Each application center of the Sealed Air is equipped with every necessary tool and solutions that will help customers solve typical and complex e-commerce packaging challenges facing by customers, lessen the damage, minimize the packaging dimension, and reduce the packaging as well as the shipping costs of the customers in an effective and efficient way.

What are Sealed Air and Amazon

The business community is facing the complex and new challenges with respect to the social and environmental challenges. Sealed Air is a knowledge-based worldwide company that the main purpose is the help customers the resolve their packaging solution issues to achieve the sustainable goals of their business. It offers food packaging solution, bubble wrap solutions and safe and less wasteful food supply chain solution on an international scale.
On the other hand, Amazon is the largest American electronic commerce having. This is world largest tech giant having largest revenue as compared other tech giants. It is the largest world internet retailers after the other tech giant Alibaba. This retail online website started its business from the bookstore, but later expanded its scope to the foods, electronics, jewelry and other food products etc. to get pack its retail online products, it has provided a specific set of packaging solution for its vendors to get pack its products to the customers.

Amazon allowed to Sealed Air to test and certify the product

When online products are purchased by the customers, it needs a durable and reliable packaging solution that will show the brand and uniqueness of the Amazon. These tech giants don’t want to compromise on the quality of the packaging solution handed over to its worldwide customers. It has set a standard for the packaging solutions and products for its vendors, shopkeepers, and manufacturers. They will need to get certification from Amazon in order to get the sale of its products. Amazon is not able to provide this service itself due to its limited scope. It has allowed the Sealed Air that is knowledge-based packaging solution company through this packaging company, vendors, shopkeepers and manufacturers will be able to get their packaging solution challenges resolved and get certification to an authorization to sell and pack the purchased products.

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