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Kraft Boxes

Kraft Boxes

5 ways to reuse kraft boxes for domestic use

The ever-changing robust technology is constantly yielding new ways of doing things and people love to take advantage of these ideas. Yet there are a few things which have stayed the same ever since.

Take the good old cardboard Kraft boxes,  for example, the majority of all products shipped in the United States, are still sent using some type of cardboard packaging. Unfortunately all of these boxes end up being thrown away once the items are removed—but if we would just give it a little thought, the possibilities are almost endless. These boxes can be bent, cut, painted, wrapped, and configured in almost any way you can imagine. Here are few ways you can re-use these boxes in a number of ways. Not only these boxes will look great but will save you a considerable amount of money as well.

Drink Coasters:

Pick up craft box that you have, carve out the shapes using a pair of scissors and a duct tape. Be creative with the selection of a design and use it as a drink coaster.

Tip: you can also use small cut outs from your boxes to place under your heavy furniture to protect your flooring and carpets and use them as furniture sliders

e- Gifting:

Looking to buy a new gift packaging for an upcoming occasion? Think before you buy a new one. Go through the box packaging you might have in stored away somewhere. Transform a simple box by adding a handwritten note along with a decorative article such as a ribbon or a string and there you go!! You have transformed a simple kraft box into a beautiful gift idea.

Storage with Style:

Use old shoe boxes or shipment card board boxes along with other house hold items such as old belts, handles, gift wraps, wall papers, stencils, pins and stickers. Think of a simple design and be creative with your ideas. These simple tricks can help you make amazing storage boxes to meet your daily needs. These boxes will look great and stylish and will save you money against pricey alternatives in market.

Use them as gift tags or for labeling different boxes, bags, or containers around the house, cardboard is an easy and free way to mark your stuff.

Magazine Files

You can never run out of boxes such cereal boxes or other food boxes which often end up in your garbage bin. Make a stylish magazine file by cutting it to the proper size and covering it with decors, gift wraps, paper or fabric.

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