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How to Increase Your Sale with Packaging Design

How to Increase Your Sale with Packaging Design

Packaging design is a factor in the sales of a product that should be taken seriously. Ignoring this aspect of your branding and marketing can result in catastrophic consequences regarding the success of your product, no matter if you have the best product in the world. At the least, you will not be able to cash in the full potential of your product. It is a scientifically proven fact via marketing research. The packaging can make or break a deal.

Marketers are always on the look for coming up with better and better designs to finalize their product packaging. And, it does not end here; the principal questions are what fancy your customers when they buy your product and why?

In the following, we will take a look at packaging design from the sales perspective to give you an idea of what works to boost the sales of your product. 

One important point to keep in mind that a typical consumer who will select a product to buy will take him or her a few seconds to make up his or her mind. On this note, you need to make sure that your product is seen distinctly by your potential customers to get an advantage over other products. In other words, make your product stand out from the crowd, and the product packaging plays a monumental role in this process. Make sure that your product packaging helps your customers make up their mind.

Customer Decision Factor

The following factors affect the buy decision of consumers. Understanding this is crucial in the design of product packaging.

  • Customers that shop categorically, consider half the brands on the market shelves to make their decision.
  • If your product is new, it along with other new product will be seen one-third of the time.
  • The average attention span of a buyer to make a buy decision takes less than 8-10 seconds.
  • Less than one-fourth of the customers are impulse buyers that are they have no intention of buying that product when they enter the store.
  • As much as 80% of customers purchase in a particular category such as a new flavor of their favorite brand (category) of tea.  

Your Brand and Product Packaging

The problem that your product solves and how it is done makes your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  Keep it on your product packaging making it sweet, short and simple. Make sure your product quality delivers it. When you design a product packaging, make sure you keep in mind to provide a product experience that is outstanding; this makes the customer come back for more.

Be Emotional

 It has been seen that consumers pass through at least eight emotions before they make the buy decision. Get to know these emotions and adopt the product according to their mood and emotions. Make your product emotionally fit because only the fittest survive in the brutal world of marketing. The consumers are known to go through the following emotions when they buy.

Fun: 9% of the consumers are fun seekers and say that shopping is their hobby.

Sad: 9% of consumers buy to fulfill their needs. They buy when something is in their approach or things that are trusted.

Frustrated: As much as 10%, find shopping frustrating, they just want to enter the store, buy and get finished with it.

Joyful Intelligence: 11% consumers are there in the market for window shopping to gather information about the product and to make an intelligent decision.

Enthusiasts: 12% seek products that are new, and they want to be the 1st buyer of a product that relates to their passion.

Joy to be Special: 16%of buyers are looking for top-notch experience, so they expect the best of it.

Anxious: 17% of buyers have decision anxiety. They find it difficult to make a buy decision and get lost among the different brands of the same product.

Validator: 20% of consumer go after word of mouth and reviews of the product and buy something that is already popular or appreciated.

Filter out the Competition   

Research shows that even small amount of changes to the appearances and presentations in packaging can create dramatic changes in the buying patterns of consumers. Knowing your competitors well is critical to your business success. Moreover, keeping an analytical eye on the low performing products can serve a great deal about what to avoid and improve in the product packaging.

Keep an inquisitive eye on market trends and tune into specific frequencies to make decisions. For example, millennials and Gen X are the ones most interested in innovative products especially something that involves technology.

Visual tracking studies show that shoppers will pause for 2-3 seconds and look at 8-10 different locations before moving on to a retail store.

Cost Considerations

The cost of product packaging usually leads to the decision of what kind of packaging to be used for a particular product. Addition of the price of size, material (quality) and quantity of packaging leads to the cost of packaging. It is important to mention that there are types of packaging that can fit any product. It is a rough estimate of the product packaging design. 

Other factors may add up the cost of the product packaging. You need to bring into consideration, other factors that your product may need such as odd shape, Large or Micro size, Excessive weight, Food grade material, Temperature considerations, low print run, dispensing needs, eco-friendly, etc.

Whatever path you take to design the packaging for a product, it has to be made sure that the impact of an adequately packaged product has a positive effect on the psyche of the customer. It can create or break the deal. The amount of effort that you may spend to produce your product you have to make sure that you give at least the same amount of time, dedication, and energy in the design of your product.  

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