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Waterproofing Cardboard

Waterproofing Cardboard

Cardboard is material that is made up by using the kraft paper. The kraft paper is an initial material that is extracted from trees. The process in which dangerous element is eradicated is applied, and then the kraft is used for making various types of papers like cardboard, paperboard, or corrugated. It is, in fact, a heavy-duty paper that is used in the preparation of the boxes in which products are packed up. Nobody can doubt the efficacy and stringiness of the paper. The cardboard paper gets damaged because of water or rain. It cannot accept or does not resist against any thickness effectively. That is the reason that there is always a blatant fear of the inner products to get damaged. Thus, there are certain methods which are adapted to apply on the boxes for the best cause of customers in order to provide their products safety as well as security from the outer environment in more effective ways. The packaging is getting much importance in the contemporary era in the lives of customers.

Waterproof Coating

The rubberized coating is usually used in which small paintbrush or a roller for the coating paint is used over the paper of cardboard. The waterproof coating is the most unique idea in the field of packaging that helps people to have the packaging options which can help your products do not get damaged because of the wet weather. The coating is in fact water resistant. For instance, rainwater over the surface of the cardboard paper spoils the surface of the box that is made up by the paper of kraft. The inner product will get damaged. However, the coating makes the outer surface of the box more strong and sturdy. The surface of cardboard paper made the box is coated with the material that is layered by the thick paper that is water resistant. The thickness maintains the originality of the box by giving protection and safety to the inner products.


A sheet that is known as the self-lamination sheet is used with the technical methods to make the outer surface of the boxes which are made up of the material of kraft or cardboard. The sheet is available in multiple sizes. It has variety and quality in itself. The sheet is to be fitted to the entire area where there is a need to apply the sheet. The sheet will cover the area that is required to stop any type of substance that can spoil the surface of the box and the product that is inside the box.

Printing coating

The printing coating is also used for the purpose of making the cardboard made boxes of water resistant. Customers want to have the printing options for their best advertisement and beautiful attraction cause. The printing options which are applied are coated with the certain substances which make the surface to not let water stem into the surface of the box. But this method is less effective in comparing other methods which have been mentioned above.

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