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 Tips to consider while designing product Packaging.

Tips to consider while designing product Packaging.

You can adopt following packaging strategies to boost sales of your products easily.

1.       Packaging sizes Small Vs Big:


Shoppers respond differently to different products, this very difference defines their buying behavior.  Their behavior may vary to different versions of the same product. For example a readymade food item serving four persons may not sell well, whereas the same food items may fly off the shelves when offered in small serving of one to two persons. People often respond well to small packaged items especially when it comes to food and other edibles. So therefore it will be a good strategy to design different versions of product packaging and cater the market on multiple avenues      

2.       Promote Impulsive buying:

Tactfully placing numerous small packaged items near the payment counter does a wonderful job to draw buyer s to make last minute impulse purchases.  Prompt and bold packaging designs help grab the buyer’s attention, at this juncture they don’t have much time to ponder upon so they unconsciously pick fewer items before the checkout. Again packaging is the hero, so think twice while planning your package design.  Always consult a packaging expert and discuss your business needs in detail, this will help the packaging manufacturers to generate multiple creative ideas for you to choose from.

3.       More for less offers:

This is a good tactic to sell your products in bulk. People will buy in bulk from there.  Packaging with clearly mentioned offers, signals the buyers to avail the chance to buy, which helps in getting rid of stocks for businesses.   

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